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Fresca formed The Avocado Company in 2017. Their focus is on driving forward category performance for customers, sourcing quality fruit that’s sustainably grown and handled in the most efficient, shortest supply route possible. The company is opening new, exciting sources of avocados, working in partnership with growers around the world. Ripening expertise is key to delivering against customer expectations of quality, so investment in ripening and packing capacity is supporting The Avocado Company’s rapid growth.

Building on its passion for quality fruit and on its long experience which took shape at the beginning of the twentieth century, Andros now makes a whole range of fruit ingredients for pastry and desserts professionals, branded Andros Chef: frozen purees, compotes & fruits. All product lines benefit at best from Andros’ expertise in fruit sourcing and processing.

Emerging from traditional salad and leaf growing, Westlands now pioneer speciality leaf and growing techniques using cutting edge technology and hydroponics. They are the largest British commercial grower of Microleaf, speciality cress, edible flowers, samphire and other sea vegetable crops, watercress and speciality tomatoes.


Established over 10 years ago in the Vale of Evesham, Oaklands fruit farm specialises in the production of high quality strawberries, with a production season starting in April and continuing through until October. The fruit is picked daily to capture the best ripe flavour and quality. We are honoured to be working with some of the most highly-regarded experts when it comes to the horticulture of soft fruit.


Since 1970 Peka Kroef has been developing a new market segment with freshly cooked then chilled potatoes. Peka Kroef’s strength lies in its product quality and the flexibility to anticipate the needs of its clients in the Foodservice, Retail and Consumer markets. Peka products are produced using the Hansa potato. For many years Peka Kroef was the first producer to use this yellow-fleshed, waxy potato. The Hansa is characterised by its versatility: it can be thoroughly cooked in the packaging and yet still remain whole. Unlike other potato producers, and as a result of the intensive collaboration with its growers, Peka Kroef is able to get Hansa potatoes all year round, enabling to guarantee constant quality all year round.

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